Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 9 November — 30 November 2015

Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices

9 November – 30 November 2015

Please note that effective December 1, 2015, the schedule of the distribution of this information will change from bi-weekly to the middle and end of each calendar month.

From the CBOE:

A rule change related to TPH’s when their systems disconnect.
A proposal to expand End of Week and End of Month pilot program allowing PM settled options on broad based indexes to expire on any Wednesday.
Enhancements to its current and adoption of new price protection mechanisms for orders and quotes.
Updates to the behavior of its Quote Cancel Request messaging.
From DTC:

Proposed rule change to treat a Settling Bank failing to provide an affirmative acknowledgement of its end-of-day net-net settlement acknowledgement as deemed to acknowledge its end-of-day net-net settlement balance.
From FICC:
Announces the effective date of January 21, 2016, as the date on which it will change the logic for determining which clearing bank a netting member must settle transactions as part of its GSD Settlement Optimization.

Files rule proposals related to quoting, trading and data gathering requirements as part of the Tick Size Pilot program.
Announces details of its new registration category for Securities Traders and Securities Trader Principals.
A FAQ document related to data collection via OATS for the Tick Size Pilot Program and the revised effective date of April 4, 2016.
A Guidance document reminding firms of their best execution obligations in the equity, option and fixed income markets.
Announced SEC approval of TRACE reporting changes to require members to include an indicator on a TRACE trade report when the transaction does not reflect a commissions or mark-up/mark-down.
An expansion of its ATS transparency initiative where it will publish equity volume executed by member firms including activity on non-ATS electronic trading systems and internalized trades.
Change to its BrokerCheck Disclosure reducing the waiting period from 15 days to 3 business days to release certain information reporting on Form U5.

From the IRS:
Updates to FATCA IDES and online registration.
From the MSRB:
Request for comment on changes to its rules related to the industry initiative of shortening the settlement cycle to T+2.
Publication of a Compliance Advisory document for Municipal Advisors.
Publication of an Implementation Guide related to its recently adopted Best Execution rule.
From the NASDAQ:
Announces its intention to file a Tick Size Pilot plan and the schedule of its Saturday testing dates for 2016.
From NSCC:
An entitlement enhancement to its SMART/Track for CNS corporate actions.
SEC approval of a rule change to require trade data submitted to NSCC through Correspondent Clearing to be submitted in real-time.
SEC approval of a rule change to permit trades in fixed-income securities (CMU) settling on T+1 to settle through CNS or the Balance Order systems.
From the NYSE:
Releases details related to its takeover of certain regulatory functions effective January 1, 2016 including a new requirement to submit documents, including Blue Sheet, electronically to NYSE.
Issues notice detailing the new processes related to disciplinary proceedings effective with its takeover of certain regulatory functions from FINRA.
From OOC:
Changes to its expiration processes to no longer require authorization on expiration.
Announces it is creating a stock loan positions balancing process which will require members to submit a daily file of their stock loan positions which will be compared to OCC’s records.
DDS changes associated to Escrow Deposits and Specific Deposits.
From the SEC:
Issues proposed rule change regulating NMS Stock ATS Systems.
Issues exemptive relief from SEC Rule 10b-10 (Confirmations) for transactions in institutional prime money market funds under the Money Market Reform initiative.
From the U.S. Treasury:

Issues technical notice related to the download processes for SDN and Consolidated List files.
From the U.S. Treasury:
Issues technical notice related to the download processes for SDN and Consolidated List files