Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 1 December — 15 December, 2015

Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices

1 December – 15 December 2015

Please note that effective December 1, 2015, the schedule of the distribution of this information will change from bi-weekly to the middle and end of each calendar month.

From the CBOE:

· Lists reports to be available to TPHs via FINRA’s Report Center starting in January, 2016.

· Announces an enhancement to apply limit order price reasonability checks to IOC simple and complex orders.

· Files an amendment to its proposal to among other things, apply a debit/credit price reasonability check to index options with European-style exercises.

· Updates registrations with the new Securities Trader and Securities Trader Principal qualification examinations.

· Issues reminders related to prearranged trades and trade reporting requirements.

From DTC:

· Announces an implementation of a change to the Shareholder Demand & Dissent submissions processing using its WIN platform effective January 11, 2016.

· Publishes its 2016 Development Agenda and its projected holiday schedule for 2016.

· Proposes rule change related to fees for its services: ACATS, Obligation Warehouse, Fund/SERV, I&RS and AIP.

From FICC:

· Announces the effective date of trade date March 11, 2016 where eligible CMU T+1 settlement cycle matched trades will settle through CNS or through Balance Order and will be reflected on the Consolidated Trade Summary.


· Receives SEC approval of its change to Rule 8312 to reduce the waiting period from 15 days to 3 business days for the release of certain information reported on Form U5.

· Announces a partnership with SEC and MSRB to host a Compliance Outreach Program to be held on February 3, 2016.

· An amendment to Rule 2210 to require a hyperlink to BrokerCheck on a member firm’s website main page and any page that includes a professional profile of a registered representative conducting business with a retail investor.

· Introduces a new category of trade submission known as “clearing-only non-regulatory” firms can use to submit to clearing OTC transactions in equity securities previously reported through a FINRA facility.

· Issues notice of recent SEC action related to providing customers stock quotations information and that the SEC understanding is that using non-consolidated market information is not consistent with the Vendor Display rule.

From the IRS:

· Updates to FATCA IDES testing dates.

From the NASDAQ:

· Updates registrations with the new Equity Trader, Prop and Securities Trader Principal qualification examinations.

· Changes the system start-up time to 4:00 AM ET effective February 26, 2016.

From NSCC:

· Releases details of an enhancement release for Insurance & Retirement Processing in March 2016..

· Announces its practices for trade comparison related to the relaunch of the National Stock Exchange.

· Posted updated documents related to its initiative of re-writing the Consolidated Trade Summary to its Learning Center.

From OOC:

· Updates its members on proposals related to risk enhancements and stock loan activities.

· Announces that effective February 16, 2016, CFE will require all entities obligated to submit Large Trader reporting to submit the reporting to OCC.

From the PCOAB:

· Adopts new rules and amendments to auditing standards to require audit firms to disclosure the names of each audit engagement partner and the names of other audit firms that participate in each audit.

From the SEC

· Publishes for comment a proposed amendment specifying the form and manner that security-based swap data repositories will be required to make data available to the SEC.