Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 15 – 29 February 2016

Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 15-29 February 2016

From CBOE:

Introduces over time anew order and quote price check beginning February 22 and ending on March 1, 2016.
Issues regulatory requirements related to its launch of Asian and Cliquet Style Settlement Flex Broad Based Index options.
From DTCC:

Publishes the approach to testing of the Shortened Settlement Cycle to T+2 industry initiative.
From FICC:

Releases the details of its annual test of the Capped Contingency Liquidity Facility test to be held on April 25, 2016.

Responds to implementation concerns and delays the implementation date until April 22, 2016 of FINRA Rule 2242 Debt Research.
Publishes its disciplinary actions for February 2016.
Issues guidance for Tick Size Pilot exchange route matching for the Chicago and National Stock Exchanges.
Updates its Written Supervisory Procedures checklist.
Announces its Board’s decision to proposal a rule to require customer confirmation disclosure of the mark-up or mark-down on transactions on agency and debt securities.
From the IRS:

Publishes notice of FATCA guidance on reporting and withholding.
From the MSRB:

Amends Rule G-37 which extends core standards addressing potential “pay-to-play” practices to municipal advisors effective August 17, 2016.
Requests comment on draft amendments to Rule G-30 to provide guidance on establishing the prevailing market price and calculating mark-ups and mark-downs on principal transactions.
Publishes an educational guide for retail investors offering several alternative ways to purchase municipal bonds.
Launches an outreach effort to remind state and local governments about the free education resources and tools available to support their issuance of municipal bonds.
Proposes, with an effective date of July 18, 2016, a revision to the mathematical formula governing he manner in which dealers calculate the dollar price of interest-bearing securities with periodic interest payments that have more than six months to redemption.
Releases its first annual Compliance Advisory for Brokers Dealers and Municipal Securities Dealers.
From Nasdaq:

Effective April 1, 2016, will introduce new Limit Up – Limit Down pricing pilot.
Announces changes to the MFQS Daily List.
Implements a performance enhancement that will modify the manner in which order reference numbers are assigned to new orders.
Begins validating submissions of step-ins, step-outs and cross trades on its FINRA/Nasdaq TRF.

Proposes amendments to specify back-up procedures to allow for the determination of an Official Closing Price for exchange-listed securities if it is not able to conduct a closing transaction.
Issues list of revised account type indicators and guidance on the scenarios in which the indicators are to be used. This is effective August 1, 2016.
From Options Clearing:

Proposes a new Risk Control Standards Policy that addresses potential risks from erroneous trades executed on an exchange that has not demonstrated risk controls consistent with the OCC.
Delays the initiative of its stock loan position balancing until April 25, 2016.
Announces several changes to its DDS messages and files.
From the SEC:

Proposes new rules under Dodd Frank addressing the orderly liquidation of covered brokers and dealers.
Extends its comment period for the proposed rules related to Transfer Agent activities until April 14, 2016.
Publishes notification of SIPC’s decision to retain the $250,000.00 standard maximum cash amount available to satisfy customer claims.
Releases Amendment 10 to Limit Up Limit Down.
Announces that a mid-year adjustment to Section 31 Fees will not be required for Fiscal Year 2015.
From the U.S. Treasury:

The Office of the Comptroller of Currency issues bulletin outlining supplements to the Interagency Statement on Enforcement of Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Requirements.