Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 16-31 March 2016

Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 16-31 March 2016

From CBOE:

Issues reminder of the requirements of its Rule 24.19 related to multi-class broad-based index option spread orders.
Releases information to members on the requirement to file annual Anti-Money Laundering and Supervision/Compliance reports to the exchange.
Updates its FAQs regarding professional order designations.

From DTC:

Announces that names and definitions of several roles associated with access to CA Web functions are changing on or about April 4, 2016.
DTC will implement several enhancements to its Collateral Loan Services functionality within Settlement Web on April 1, 2016.

From FICC:

Reminds its foreign netting members of the requirement to update their Certificate if Incumbency and Legal Opinions with FICC.
Announces an enhancement to its CMU RTTM system that will match municipal bond transactions based on submissions coded as stepout allocations or interdealer trades beginning in Q4 2016.

From FinCEN:

Advises financial institutions of action by FATF that updates its list of jurisdictions with strategic AML/CFT deficiencies which may impact those institution’s obligations and risk-based approaches to AML and CFT programs.


Enhances the EFOCUS system framework effective March 28, 2016.
Files a partial amendment to its proposal related to TBA margining.
Updates its FAQs on research rules.

From IRS:

FATCA announces an update and scheduled outage for IDES to support the migration to AES 256 Cipher Block Chaining cipher mode for FATCA reporting.

From MSRB:

Announces approval of changes to its Board Membership and Terms of Service.
Issues request for comment on a proposal to require municipal advisors to disclose information related to the direct purchases and bank loans of the municipal entity clients to EMMA.

From Nasdaq:

Proposes changes to the manner in which it will cancel orders that are modified eliminating the specific number of modifications replaced with the permitted number of changes will vary by order types and attribute.

From OCC:

Issues notice of certain operational steps needed as a result of a recent rule change to OCC Matched Book stock loan processing.
Publishes details related to the industry BCP test in October 2016.
Delays implementation of its enhanced implied volatility modeling in its STANS margin process.

From U.S. T+2 ISC:

Issues white paper detailing the system and processing changes required to move to a T+2 settlement cycle for DTCC subsidiaries – Omego, NSCC and DTC.

From U.S. Treasury:

Office of Comptroller of Currency proposes rule-making to remove outdated provisions in certain rules to reduce the regulatory burden on national banks and federal savings associations related to the ’34 Act and securities offering disclosures, fidelity bonds, insider and affiliate lending.