Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices from 01-15 June 2015

Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices

01 – 15 June 2016

06 01 16 – 06 15 16 Recently Published Regulatory Notices

From CBOE:

  • Proposes to extend the Penny Pilot Program until December 31, 2016.
  • Proposes to expand a pilot to permit P.M. settled options on any eligible broad-based index to expire on any Monday, Wednesday or Friday except third-Friday and end-of-month days.

From DTC:

  • Publishes details related to its conversion to SWIFT messaging for Corporate Action Messages.

From DTCC Solutions:

  • Announces the deployment of CBRS Phase 6 is on schedule for June 24, 2016.


  • Issues a statement to remind financial intuitions of the need to actively manage the risks associated with interbank messaging and wholesale payment networks.

From FICC:

  • Received SEC approval of rule change to permanently adopt certain aspects of the pilot program of the GCF Repo service program.


  • Develops a checklist for small firms to use related to their Cybersecurity programs.
  • Issues two significant fines against firms for rule violations.
  • Revises its OATS Trade Reporting Technical Specifications.
  • Announces the appointment of Robert W. Cook as President and CEO of FINRA which will be effective in the second half of 2016.
  • Issues its Disciplinary Actions report for June 2016.

From the IRS:

  • Releases FATCA XML Schema, data packaging code samples related to its change to cipher mode and issues information on testing of IDES testing in June 2016.

From MSRB:

  • Files rule change to revise the content outline for the Municipal Advisor Representative Qualification examination (Series 50).

From Nasdaq:

  • Releases new functionality to its Retail Order Process to allow orders to become active at 8:00 a.m. ET instead of market open.
  • Posts FAQs and other important information on its website related to the Tick Size Pilot Program.

From NSCC:

  • Requests execution submitters to migrate trade submissions into UTC using two new key standard.

From NYSE:

  • Issues reminder to members of the policies governing conduct on its and the NYSE Market floors.

From OCC:

  • Announces modifications to the CFE OFRA file so that weekly and monthly VIX features and options are carried in the same Combined Commodity Code VXB effective July 8, 2016.

From SEC:

  • Issues $1,000,000 fine to a firm related to failure to safeguard customer data.
  • Adopts new Rule 15Gi-1 and 15Fi-2 that requires security –based swap dealers and major participants to provide trade acknowledgement and verification in swap transactions.
  • Solicits comments on changes to SIPC Bylaws related to member’s assessments and if the current assessments provide adequate funding.
  • Publishes recommendations related to way to enhance bond market information for retail investors.
  • Approves FINRA proposes rule change to establish margin requirements for the TBA market.

06 01 16 – 06 15 16 Recently Published Regulatory Notices