Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 01-15 of September 2016


Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices
01 – 15 of September 2016

From Chicago Board Options Exchange:

• Issues notice to the TPH members who are required to participate in the Back-Up Data Center test.
• Proposes amendments to add new and enhance current price protection mechanisms and risk controls designed to prevent disruptive trading.
• Enhances its PAR system allowing routed orders to be manually booked, converting the order to a limit order when the NBBO is the series is zero and the CBOE’s offer is greater than $0.50.

From Depository Trust Company:

• Publishes notice that it will begin “announcing” 305(c) deemed distributions via its CA Web application and ISO messaging in mid-November 2016.

From Fixed Income Clearing Corporation:

• Introduces an MRO of the Clearing Fund Required Deposit and Funds on Deposit Report and the VaR CUSIP Detail Report.


• Issues notice of upcoming elections on its District Committees and Small Firm Advisory Board.
• Publishes revisions to the OATS Technical Specifications.
• Fines Ameriprise Financial $850,000 for failure to supervise transmittal of funds.
• Issues Targeted Exam Letter related to its inquiry of UIT rollovers.
• Releases its Disciplinary Actions Report for September 2016.

From Internal Revenue Service:

• Issues XML Schema V2.0, sample files and a User Guide for FATCA reporting.

From Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board:

• Files amendments to its rule to require brokers, dealers and municipal securities dealers to disclose mark-ups and mark-downs to retail customers on certain principal transactions and guidance on prevailing market price for the purpose of calculating the mark-ups and mark-downs.

From Nasdaq:

• Publishes key steps, testing details and dates related to the roll-out of the Tick Size Pilot Program scheduled to begin on October 3, 2016.

From National Securities Clearing Corporation:

• Together with FICC propose rule changes to include two margin charges – the Backtesting Charge and a Bank Holiday Charge.

From Options Clearing Corporation:

• Issues detailed schedule and scope of its BCP and DR Industry Test on October 15, 2016.
• Announces it is restructuring the Escrow Deposit Program introducing changes to enhance the process, controls and transparency.

From Office of the Comptroller of Currency:

• Issues details of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council as it revised the Information Security Booklet of its Information Technology Examination Handbook.