Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices of 16-31 December 2016


Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices

16-31 December 2016

From the CBOE:

  • Proposes to extend its Cabinet Trade pilot program until March 5, 2018 or when it becomes permanent.
  • Issues notice of classes to be added/deleted as part of the Penny Pilot program.

From the Depository Trust Company:

  • Announces additional dates for its Q&A sessions for the review of CA Web Redemption Lifecycle webinars.
  • Alerts clients of an enhancement to the User Header Block in settlement ISO output to include timestamps.
  • Issues list of non-transferrable securities to be destroyed on or after March 30, 2017.

From DTCC Solutions:

  • Announces effective January 22, 2017 it will amend its Operating Procedures for its Insurance & Retirement Services.


  • Issues fine against Deutsche Bank Securities in the amount of $3.25 million for disclosure violations related to the operation of its ATS.
  • Announces results of recent elections to boards and committees.
  • Proposes to eliminate fees for historical trade data accessed through its FINRA ADDS website for trades reported to the ADF, ORF or TRACE.
  • Citing significant deficiencies related to the preservation of electronic books and records, fines 12 firms a total of $14.4 million.

From Nasdaq:

  • Issues its rule changes to support the industry’s move to a T+2 settlement cycle.
  • Announces an increase in the Regulatory Options Fee from $0.0034 to $0.0045 effective February 1, 2017.
  • Publishes the list of ETPs eligible for Tier 1 of the LULD plan effective January 3, 2017.

From National Securities Clearing Corporation:

  • Announces SEC approval of a rule change related to its Trade Guaranty and Clearing Fund requirements.

From Options Clearing Corporation:

  • Reminds members of their obligations to report to OCC certain information and events.

From the Securities & Exchange Commission:

  • Announces joint action with the NY Attorney General’s office against Deutsche Bank for a total combined fine of $55.5 million related to misleading clients related to the functionality of its ATS.
  • Settles with Morgan Stanley in the amount of $7.5 million for violations of the Customer Protection rule.
  • From the Division of Investment Management a publication of Guidance Update addressing disclosure issues and certain procedural requirements under the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary rule.