Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 16 – 31 of January 2017

01 16 17 – 01 31 17 Recently Published Regulatory 

Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices

16 – 31 of  January 2017

From the CBOE:

  • Announces a change to its strategy order cut-off time for all CBOE option series used to calculate settlement value for volatility index derivatives on their expiration dates from 8:15 AM to 8:30 AM CT.
  • Begins a roll out of a new version of PAR beginning on January 23, 2017.
  • Updates members on the implementation of its final phase of risk control functionality on January 30, 2017.
  • Proposes amendments to update circumstances in which it may declare a “fast” market, and actions it may take when it declares and removes outdated provisions.
  • Proposes new rules to implement the Compliance Rule addressing the NMS Plan for a Consolidated Audit Trail.

From Department of Labor:

  • Issues FAQs for investors related to its Fiduciary Rule.

From Depository Trust Company:

  • Advises participants of its schedule related to the transition lifecycle processing of reorganization events to the ISO20022 platform during 2017.
  • Lists several enhancements to CA Web that it will deploy on the evening of January 26, 2017.
  • Announces close of business on March 6, 2017 as the date it will retire PTS and PBS functions associated with corporate actions redemption lifecycle as it migrates participants to CA Web.
  • Updates participants related to the PSE U Testing Region being utilized during T+2 testing.

From FICC:

  • Issues reminder of its plan to create a file of MPIDs to assist firms in matching corporate bond & UIT CMU RTTM trades based on MPID effective April 7, 2017.
  • Announces that on February 17, 2017 the Hourly VaR CUSIP Detail Report in RTTM will be decommissioned and members will be able to access the report in the FIR application.
  • Advises members it will begin collecting the Novation Prefunding Fee on January 23, 2017.
  • Received SEC approval of its rule change amending its clearing fund methodology effective February 27, 2017.

From FinCEN:

  • Issues advisory regarding FATF updated list of jurisdictions with strategic anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing deficiencies which may affect financial institutions’’ obligations and risk-based approaches regarding relevant jurisdictions.


  • Issues its monthly Disciplinary Actions Report for January 2017.
  • Publishes updated OATS Reporting Technical Specifications to support the reporting of a sequence number by ATSs.
  • Amends several elements of its proposed rule related to the financial exploitation of specific adults.
  • Issues several updates to reporting specifications for TRACE TRAQS in preparation of upcoming enhancements on March 20, 2017.
  • Files rule proposal to adopt Rul3e 6800 Series to implement the Compliance Rule addressing the NMS Plan to adopt a Consolidated Audit Trail.

From Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board:

  • Receives SEC approval to rule amendments that extend its customer complain and related recordkeeping rules to municipal advisors.
  • Publishes list of items to be discussed at its next Board of Directors meeting.
  • Issues proposal to add Rule G-49 addressing requirements on transactions below the minimum denomination.

From Nasdaq:

  • Proposes to adopt Rule 6800 Series to implement the Compliance rule regarding the NMS Plan to create a Consolidated Audit Plan.
  • Announces the availability of additional multicast IP address for proprietary equity and option data feed in Chicago.
  • Advises participants of notification by February 17, 2017 of their obligations to participate in the annual Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery test for 2017.
  • Will implement new price protections on incoming limit orders that exceed calculated pre-set standard limits effective on February 6, 2017.

From National Securities Clearing Corporation:

  • Announces that May 1, 2017 will not be a valid settlement day in DTCC Participant Services Environment test region.

From New York Stock Exchange:

  • Proposes rule change to adopt Rule 6800 Series to implement the Compliance Rule addressing the NMS Plan to adopt a Consolidated Audit Trail.

From Options Clearing Corporation:

  • Announces it will begin to enforce secure communications protocol on its public website which may impact members in obtaining the Demand Position File.

From Securities & Exchange Commission:

  • Issues a No-Action Letter under the ’40 Act Section 22(c) in that the restrictions would not apply to a broker when the broker acts as agent and charges customer a commission for facilitating transactions in Clean Shares.
  • Issues No-Action Letter under its Rule 17a-5 or Rule 17a-12 if a broker-dealer or OTC derivatives dealer files the annual and supplemental reports electronically through EDGAR.

From UST2 Committee:

  • Issues DTCC’s updated T+2 testing approach documents.
  • Publishes Version 2 of its list of CUSIP numbers to be used during industry testing for the move to a shortened settlement cycle.