Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices 01 – 15 of February 2017

02 01 17 – 02 15 17 Recently Published Regulatory Notices

Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices

01 – 15 of February 2017

From the CBOE:

  • Proposes to eliminate the consecutive expiration restriction for the listing of Weekly and End-of-Month options.
  • Files amendment to its current price protections related to complex orders in that it will use the derived net market based price based on the NBBO rather in the individual series rather than the BBO.
  • Issues multiple reminders on required regulatory filings due in the next few months.
  • Announces enhancements to its Market Replay platform to provide additional order data.
  • Proposes rule change related to the circumstances in which it may declare a “fast” market.

From Depository Trust Company:

  • Updates participants on its plan to retire the Corporate Actions CCF fields for entitlements, allocations, projections and unallocated activity for distribution, redemption and reorganization events.
  • Issues two notices related to processing, practices and participant’s responsibilities during its MMI Finality Through Optimization imitative.

From Fixed Income Clearing Corporation:

  • Files rule change to GSD rules to introduce a new minimum volatility calculation to be used in calculating a participant’s daily VaR requirement.
  • Issues reminder to Foreign Netting Members of their obligation to submit updates to the foreign legal opinion to FICC on or before June 9, 2017.


  • It, along with the ISG, update several data elements for Electronic Blue Sheets in response to the approval of the new MIAX PEARL exchange effective February 6, 2017.
  • Solicits comment on proposed amendments to its Rule 2210 (Communications with the Public) to create an exception to the rule’s prohibition on projecting performance under specific conditions.
  • Updates members with regard to an updated No-Action Letter issued by the SEC regarding electronic filing of annual and supplemental reports required under Rules 17a-5 and 17a-12.
  • Announces the effective date of May 14, 2018 to its rule amendment related to price transparency via confirmation disclosures of mark-up or mark-down on corporate fixed-income securities.
  • Issues its monthly report on Disciplinary Actions taken in February 2017.

From the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board:

  • Issues its updated and expanded report on the timing of submission of required financial disclosures by issuers of municipal securities and obligations persons to its EMMA system.

From Nasdaq:

  • Announces its participation on February 13, 2017 of industry testing of T+2 executions in support of the industry move to a shortened settlement cycle.

From National Securities Clearing Corporation:

  • Receives SEC approval of amendments to its Rules & Procedures related to its updated Consolidated Trade Summary.
  • Announces enhancements to its AIP Services effective April 7, 2017 where it will migrate new coding and fields into production on April 6, 2017 after the end-of-day processing cycle.

From Options Clearing Corporation:

  • Updates members on its plans to support industry testing for the move to a shortened settlement cycle.
  • Announces an indefinite delay to the implementation of an option allocation system.
  • Issues instructions related to the Letter of Credit rollover for LOCs expiring on March 1, 2017.

From the US T2 Committee:

  • Publishes spreadsheet of corporate action events to be testing in its first phase of testing.