Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notices August 1-15 of 2018

08 01 18 – 08 15 18 Recently Published Regulatory Notices

Highlights Recently Published Regulatory Notice

August 1-15 of 2018

From Consolidated Audit Trail:

  • Releases updated version of Technical Specifications for Participants.
  • Issues recording of conference call to update industry on the plan
  • Issues copy of presentation used during its conference call to update the industry on the plan.
  • Updates its list of interpretive FAQs.
  • Releases a mapping of the OATS FAQs to CAT FAQs.

From the Chicago Board Options Exchange:

  • Proposes amendments to its Rule 6.21, which govern, give up transactions to provide that TPHs must have received written authorization of a CTPH before it may give up that CTPH.
  • Files amendments to its rule to adopt Rule 6.57 to facilitate the reduction of SPX options positions maintained by market makers.
  • Proposes rule change to offer QCC with Stock Order functionality to TPHs.
  • Will delay until August 21, 2018 to its rule change to permit all FLEX series to be fungible with the correspondent non-FLEX series on an identical non-FLEX series is listed.
  • Issues notice detailing the impact of its rule change on the position and exercise limits on FLEX options.

From Depository Trust Company:

  • Announces it will install code to resolve printing issues on its CA Web platform at the close of business August 2, 2018.
  • Proposes to provide functionality to allow a Participant that hold Treasury Shares or Repurchased Debt Securities on the record date would use the CA Web to reduce its entitlement to the distribution by the amount attributed to such securities.
  • Announces to Common Members of a minor processing change to the valuation of securities delivered to CNS as short covers that may affect a Members Collateral Monitor.
  • Releases details the schedule of its annual maintenance to is ISO20022 Corporate Action Messaging conversion to SWIFT SR2018 version scheduled for November 18, 2018.
  • Announces effective October 15, 2018 the Floor Clearing Number, Specialist Number, Post Number and Panel ID fields on the CNS Equity Master File will no longer be supported and replaced by filler.

From Fixed Income Clearing Corporation:

  • Proposes several changes to it rule related to the practices of MBS Electronic Pool Notification.
  • Files rule change to amend its Rule 3A which among other things, would apply its Rule 22B (Corporation Default) to Sponsored Members.

From FinCEN:

  • Extends the limited exception, up to and including September 8, 2018, from the obligation of its Beneficial Ownership rule for rollover or renewal of certain products and services established prior to May 11, 2018 to allow for further consideration.


  • Files rule changes to reflect its recent internal actions to create a single Department of Enforcement.
  • Publishes a report “Industry Snapshot”.
  • Releases an updated Securities Futures Risk Disclosure Statement and Supplement effective on September 5, 2018.
  • Proposes several changes to its fees related to the FINRA/Nasdaq Trade Reporting facilities.
  • Announces the nomination process to fill one Small Firm vacancy on the National Adjudicatory Council.
  • Issues reminder to ATSs of their obligations to supervise trading activity on their platform.
  • Publishes its monthly report of disciplinary actions.
  • Proposes to eliminate CTCI as a technology platform for reporting transactions to TRACE.
  • Files amendments to its Financial Operations Principal and Introducing Broker-Dealer Financial and Operations Principal rules.

From the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board:

  • Issues a Compliance Advisory for the municipal securities and the municipal advisory industries.
  • Seeks comment on a draft set of FAQs regarding the use of social media by municipal dealers and municipal advisors.

From Nasdaq:

  • Files proposal to adopt investigatory and disciplinary processes identical in all material respects to those of Nasdaq and Nasdaq BX.
  • Proposes amendments to its membership, registration and qualification rules.
  • Is rebranding the MFQS to the NFN Daily List and NFN Symbol Director.
  • Along with FINRA are establishing a second TRF to permit members to report trades in exchange-listed securities executed OTC and will activate the new sub market id “B” on September 10, 2018.
  • Proposes to change its Closing Cross Cutoff to 3:55 PM ET and the Late Cutoff to 3:58 PM ET.
  • Will add new fields to the NFN Daily List and NFN Symbol Directory on November 5, 2018.

From National Securities Clearing Corporation:

  • Reminds participants that it will retire the Consolidated Trade Summary rewrite SMART/Search report effective August 30, 2018.

From the New York Stock Exchange:

  • Issues reminder to its members of their obligations under the Market Access rule.

From the Options Clearing Corporation:

  • Announces the CGM file enhancements will be implemented on August 20, 2018.

From the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board:

  • Release a draft of its five-year strategic plan and invited public comment on the plan.